Jackfruit BBQ Pizza and Nashville Hot Wingzzz🌱🌱🌱


/1 can of jackfruit

/1 pack of vegan mozzarella

/1/2 parmesan carton of cheese

/half organic purple onion

/half organic yellow bell pepper

/1 pack of organic oyster mushrooms

/1 cup of chickpea flour

/1/4 cup of arrowroot powder

/oil or choice

/pizza crust of choice

/favorite barbecue sauce

/organic pizza sauce

/vegan butter

/maple syrup


/garlic powder

/onion powder

/chimichurri seasoning

/umami (TRADER JOES)

/exotic peppercorn


Vegan Chickpea Alfredo

This is what was made yesterday and posted to YouTube channel as well, make sure y’all check that out!


/gluten free pasta

/2 cans of organic chickpeas

/one organic red bell pepper

/one large organic head of broccoli

/1 cup of organic butternut squash

/1 TBS of ginger

/2 TBS of fresh minced garlic

/half of organic purple onion

/3 stalks of scallions

/one can of organic coconut cream

/1/4 cup of nutritional yeast

/8oz of Brazil nuts soaked overnight

/seasonings used for chickpeas; smoked jalapeño, Celtic sea salt, Cajun seasoning

/seasonings used for sauce chimchurri, celtic sea salt, umami, garlic powder, onion powder, and dill

Video posted on YouTube of step by step of how I created this amazing dish! You will love this and anyone who tries it will be in love, substitute for what seasonings you don’t have for this dish and make it yours! Always have fun when you cook for yourself and your family in the kitchen!


Not mentioned above is another option which is cashew milk. This is also a kind we drink but not so regularly as we would like. Definitely will be investing in the @almondcow someday to make life a lot easier!

What would you consider your favorite plant based milk? I would say ours would say ours would have to be pea protein milk for sure! It’s rich in flavor and can be substituted in any meal to make it creamy as desired.

Another household favorite would be oat milk, it’s also creamy in texture, this is what we use often since it’s readily available and can easily be made at home. This milk is also rich in flavor with a creamy somewhat thick consistency you would normally desire from a milk. This milk is high in fiber and rich in vitamins, this milk can be high on the carb side if that’s something your trying to avoid.

Another star favorite would be almond, can’t give wrong with it, can find it at any grocery store nowadays just not as rich in flavor and takes a ton of water to make as articles say.

When I made hemp milk for us it was a love at first site! When I tell you the flavor from the hemp adds that earthy, nuttiness to your pasta dishes, or even milkshakes, it does but to a higher level you’ll be sure to keep some seeds handy to make your own. Plus it’s has more calcium than dairy milk! Also great for brain and heart health plus anti-inflammatory which is a plus for us!

We haven’t tried walnut milk just yet but when we do I am sure it will be added to our like list as well! Walnuts are rich in antioxidants and fiber so the same will account for the milk. It is also rich in omega 3 which aids in the health of the brain and also helps to keep cholesterol levels down. This goes for heart health and keeping the circulatory (blood) system running smoothly. It all goes back to the A, B, C’s literally, one of the first things you learn in EMT A-Airway B-Breathing C-Circulation. So when you hear a fact as such you know you this milk has to be great for you! I will be sure to make it for us today, we always keep walnuts!

I, Kay love drinking milk! Sometimes I even just want a cold glass alongside a pastry and just enjoy the richness of its natural flavors paired with a sweet treat! It feels good to not have to gag from the taste of cows milk, I could never stomach it, my body feels everything, especially Elle’s so I have to be careful what I make for us, the switch up is real but relevant!!

Eat more nuts!

So what’s your favorite and why?

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Vegan Gumbo




Black eyed peas

Dino Kale

Roasted corn

Vegan shrimp I use Sophie’s brand

Vegan Sausage I used field toast chipotle and apple sage

Lemongrass can be omitted I just add stuff in my fridge as I go along to be used





Can of tomatoes

I used a paprika jalapeño sauerkraut as well can be omitted I just add different ingredients for texture purposes when eating

Bell pepper I used a friend color already chopped

Stick of earth balance butter

About a cup of flour for roux, I used spelt

Oil of your choice I used a safflour sunflower mix I get off Amazon

Green onions

Seasonings used



Old bay

Braggs 24 seasonings, a staple I always use for anything and it’s salt free

Ginger can be omitted I just love ginger and add it to dishes for a pop of flavor, not so traditional

Bay leaves



Onion powder

Garlic powder

Worschestire sauce

Garlic bouillon

Chicken bouillon

Ginger paste (I love ginger, the one you get already cut it’s purple and yellow I find it near the produce section)


I started by boiling the vegan shrimp, they have a bread coating on them which I always take off to make my own flavor and use them the way I like,

I also placed seaweed inside while they boiled to get some sea taste which didn’t really help so can be omitted if needed

I then sautéed the sausages and browned them to get a good burnt kind of texture on them, it won’t effect the sausages because they’ll be simmered in a sauce for hours

I sautéed the vegan shrimp and seasoned them with garlic powder, onion powder, nori and Braggs also lemon juice and butter, tried to create a burnt texture on those to get some nice texture, I would recommend air frying I just used a cast iron skillet

I then sautéed the vegetables tomatoes, kale, corn, okra, I added a saffron seasoning I found at Whole Foods you can just used Braggs and some salt to help with that taste I used Himalayan, and I cooked those vegetables down and added some oil to them as well

Transferred them to a bowl and begin the roux in the same pot, this will take awhile be sure it doesn’t burn

You’ll need some oil/butter mix and flour and continuously stir

I end up adding more than a cup of flour to create a thicker gumbo

I then transferred the roux after about an hour and some of stirring, I left it for a minute or so once it began to brown but stayed downstairs the entire time you don’t want a burnt roux

But left it on a low temperature as well so it doesn’t end up burnt if my arm did begin to hurt from the constant stirring

I sautéed my vegetables and then cooked it down a little and added the roux before adding the garlic once you begin to smell that garlic you can add water

Not exactly sure the amount but I know I used four bottles

I then added the bouillons ( I get them from Amazon, roasted garlic is my absolute favorite! ) and worsteshire and begin to add all the other seasonings as well plus the fresh herbs (parsley, thyme) then the bay leaves

I usually keep my bay leaves in all my stews even after it’s done just don’t eat them,

I added the beans and all the other vegetables at this time and any other seasonings above, tasted as I went along, I do remember adding more Creole and then the gumbo file two hours before it was done, it can be done before my delivery had just came in,

I actually cooked this 24 hours on low because the beans were done so I would recommend pre soaking and then cooking for at least 4 hours on high just be sure you stir because it can stick to the bottle of the pot,

Your roux can be less thick I just wanted a more gravy like roux to coat our rice nice, it actually didn’t come out as thick as I though it would have, I though I had messed it up but it was delicious!! Make it with vegetables you have already and tweak you don’t have to use all I did o literally used what I had besides the okra and tomatoes I wanted to add that authentic touch. The beans were added for nutritional value to add some heartiness to the dish,


So many of you feel that vegan cheese does not melt but we are here to tell you it in fact does!

Every vegan cheese you come across melts, it’s just a process in how you help to make it melt correctly.

We always get questions about what kind of cheese do you use, and they all vary, each one taste different in their own ways.

We have tried a variety of cheese brands here is to name a few Aldis, Follow Your Heart, Forager, Mikoyos, Violife, Daiya, Whole Food brand etc. All of them are all great!

In order to help any vegan cheese melt be sure to cover it. I usually take my cheese out prior to using it to get it a bit more flexible.

For instance while cooking and prepping let Cheese sit out so once used it will be more inclined to melt. When cooking a burger and putting cheese on it, place a lid on top and allow the steam to help melt the cheese.

You can even go as far as placing some water in the pan to help and turn the fire on a few moments before vegan eggs are finished for instance and place lid on it. Be careful with how much water you put inside but I am certain it will work!

While baking lasagna or macaroni and cheese place foil on top to allow cheese to melt. Even if you make grilled cheese place a lid on top and your cheese will

Another way to help assist with vegan cheese melting is creating a roux. A roux consist of creating a base agent whether it’s butter which we use for melting vegan cheese to keep those flavors together and/or using oil with a flour agent. We typically use chickpea flour as it is gluten free and allergy friendly. Once your butter melts, place some chickpea flour inside and whisk until cooked and then add vegan milk of choice slowly. This will create a base and allow your cheese to have a richness otherwise you’d miss out on since it is vegan. You can also skip the flour portion and just use vegan milk once it’s warm enough be careful it boils over just like regular milk and stir vegan cheese inside and whisk. Both methods work just depends on what your aiming for. I also season my cheese as well when I use premise or homemade.

In the instance of you using oil that would be for a gravy, cooking the flour until desired color and slowly adding vegan milk of choice and cook, then add seasonings.

These are some ways to help cheese melt, these useful tips you can apply to almost any vegan cheese you come across. So when the next person tells you vegan cheese doesn’t melt show them exactly how it does!



Jackfruit Shepard Pie

Shepard’s Pie originates from the British countries Scotland and northern England traditionally made with lamb. This was a very inexpensive dish including the lamb and topped with mashed potatoes. It was later adopted by the Irish and turned into Cottage Pie which they used with beef. This dish has since been changed to fit a wide range of lifestyles from keto to plant-based which will show below our rendition of the classic lamb dish.

The dish below was made with jackfruit to mimic the braised lamb that would be found in the traditional dish. The texture of jackfruit varies from person to person but if you squeeze the excess moisture the texture will sure to change. You can also try roasting it after squeezing the water to add more texture, we opted not to because we were in a time crunch. Also marinating this will also create an abundance of flavor, jackfruit takes on any flavor.

Jackfruits originates from tropical and subtropical regions of the world. This is the largest edible fruit and can weigh up to 80 lbs. This is a fruit that can used for a wide range of dishes which can be substituted for meat or any kind just season it to your liking.


/two 16oz cans of jackfruit

/potatoes of choice, red, russet, gold

/can of tomato paste


/bag of frozen mixed vegetables

/zucchini (optional)


/coffee grinds

/brown sugar (coconut or date sugar will do as well anything brown, or opt for white)

/scallions aka green onions

/worchestire sauce

/all-purpose seasoning

/black pepper


/onion powder

/garlic powder

/roasted garlic bouillon

/onion (we used a sweet onion)

/celery can also be used we did not have on hand or use celery salt to help enhance that flavor if you have it)

/oat milk (any plant milk)

/arrowroot flour or cornstarch (thickening agent)

/liquid smoke

/vegan cream cheese

/vegan butter


1. Begin by using a kitchen cloth to strain the jackfruit completely (do not skip this step or you will have soft jackfruit that will not be desirable in texture, remember we are transitioning from meat and if you anything like us it was more of a texture change that we have to be sure to implement in any vegan dish we create!)

2. Set jackfruit aside and marinate as desired with oil, chicken bouillon, a bit of onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper

3. Mix until well combined and either refrigerate or roasted for about at least ten minutes for added texture.

4. At this point you can boil your potatoes, with or without the skin but remember the skin adds the extra fiber and nutrients for our system

5. You will then sauté your onion until it begins to change in color and add jackfruit and continue to sauté until we’ll combined and turn off as you prep potatoes. You can continue and add vegetables I’m here if you can multitask that is fine, faster the faster you indulge in this meal,

6. We recommend using a cast iron skillet for best results but any would work just fine, just be sure it’s oven proof for easier clean up for your one pot dish, kinda,

7. Check on potatoes it will take about twenty minutes or so, for faster results we recommend to chop them into smaller bite size pieces

8. Once cooled, add vegan butter, vegan cream cheese and a bit of roasted garlic bouillon to the mix and stir, Be sure to add a little at a time.

9. You will then use the frozen bag of vegetables or if you have already from previous step you will not combine your jackfruit. You will be adding oat milk, tomato paste, ginger, worchestire, and the other seasonings mentioned above. If they have been used already be sure to test your dish to ensure flavors meet your needs.

10. When you add in the oat milk, use a little at a time, you will be making a slurry with the arrowroot to help thick this pie while it bakes.

11. Once you reach the desired taste by using seasonings above, you will flatten the mix and top with mashed potatoes,

PRO TIP: use mustard to help enhance the flavor of your dish even more, trust me a little goes a long way, in most dishes that are meaty.

12. You will bake in the oven at 375 Fahrenheit for about an hour until golden brown of edges begin to crisp, if you filled your mixture to the top place foil underneath on the next rack or pan to catch the falling sauce, for less mess and clean up.

13. Allow to cool and ENJOY! Your family will love this rendition!!

Cauliflower Cheddar Soup

/one head of cauliflower

/one corn on cob (frozen corn or can would work, use what you have or omit)

/two cans of chickpeas (protein)

/green and red peppers

/two cloves of garlic

/one sweet onion (or onion of choice)

/juice of half a lemon (can omit)

/anise seed


/frontier adobo

/frontier all purpose

/can of coconut milk

/oat milk

/roasted garlic bouillon

/vegan chicken bouillon

/white pepper

/umami all purpose

/thyme (we used dried)

/garlic powder

/onion powder

/bag of vegan cheddar cheese

/arrowroot flour or cornstarch (thickening agent)


1. Begin by sautéing chopped onion in melted butter.

2. Once translucent add peppers and garlic, once fragrant add chopped cauliflower, use stem as well do not discard.

3. Season with adobo, thyme and umami

4. Sauté then add can of coconut milk and oat milk,

5. Season with other seasonings mentioned above to desired taste, trust the process and know it will turn out amazing!

6. Change seasonings as needed to what you have in house, please use nutmeg it adds a nice kick to the dish, TRUST ME!

7. I then added two cans of chickpeas and seasoning as desired as well,

8. Be sure to taste! I promise it will be amazing! Add vegetables that need to be used in the fridge, add color!! Make it COLORFUL and EAT!

9. Use arrowroot slurry mused with either oat milk or water and help with thickness,

10. Add vegan cheddar cheese last, we used Follow Your Heart, also too with old bay/or frontier seafood seasoning for added kick!!

11. Follow Your Heart and make this amazing recipe!! You can even add bay leaves, we allowed ours to slow cook to enhance those flavors especially the anise seeds! So amazing!! ENJOY LOVES!!